Crafting The Unbeatable Rockstar Attitude For Language Learning

You say language learning is hard. I say it isn’t. To reach a mutual agreement here is a mouthful for you:

It is the state of mind when one knows that he is not to be stopped from comprehending and speaking a new language with ease. It is a state of mind where one knows that, yes, there are bumps on the road, but eventually he or she will get there. Better yet, having fun on the way.

You might expect some willy-nilly bullshit about how attitude is everything and I’m supposed to be Yoda here who throws “believe in yourself”, “it only depends on you”, “attitude is everything, you only need to embrace it” and other banal and corny phrases at you that make you feel a bit better. Instead here is the cold hard truth: a desirable (what’s more) sustainable attitude towards learning and acting in another language is easily attainable.

How To Become A Language Rockstar

OK, let’s do some maths here: Language Rockstar in this connotation means a person who is able to convey his thoughts in a language that is not his native and in a manner that everyone else thinks that he is the center of the universe. He might not (meaning: definitely not) be a linguist, he is not spending his spare time thinking about grammatical terms while chewing the end of his pencil and staring in the far distance, he definitely doesn’t know Every. Single. Word. in the target language and he most definitely doesn’t really give a flying faucet about the fact that he is not speaking perfectly.